5.0  Chatting

5.1    Chat Servers

In the tree display to the left, you will see a Chat Server folder.  The number in parentheses next to the folder is the number of chat servers hosted on Kali.  Many may be empty, but you can sort by number of users to see where everyone hangs out by clicking on the Users column.  To join a chat server, double-click on the server name, click the "Connect to Selected Server" button , or right click on the server and select "Connect to".  You will stay connected to this chat server unless you switch to another chat server or disconnect.  You can browse the Internet Games or Game Lobbies, but still stay connected to the chat server.  To switch back to chat, just click the top line in the left "tree" display window.


The ability to create your own chat server for a group of friends or a clan is a premium service available only to fully registered Kali members.  Some clan chat servers may require a password, signified by a symbol next to the chat server name.

5.2    Chat Screen

This screen is divided into three main sections (the "tree" browser to the left stays the same).  The upper portion of the screen displays chat messages and below it is your input line, much like any other Internet chat program or application.  If you type text into this line and hit "enter", your message will appear in the chat channel you are in at the time.  Hint: try hitting Control-S while your cursor is in the chat display screen.  This is the "reveal codes" shortcut that will show you how to use the "smileys" and other images you see used by other Kali chat users. 


Below the input line are two sections side by side.  The left section shows the nicknames and player information for everyone in the chat channel.  You can sort the chat participants by clicking any column.  You can send private messages to others by right-clicking on their name in this section and selecting "Open Private Window".  Some users may not accept private messages.  The bottom right section shows all the chat channels on this chat server.  You can create your own chat channel by right-clicking within this section of the screen. 


You can modify your chat screen settings by right-clicking in the chat window and selecting "Frame Display Settings".  You can set font and background settings for the chat screen only in this dialog box, and more specific font styles (including the font of your own messages) if you click the "Chat Display Settings" button at the bottom.

Reminder: like all real-time chat, there will be offensive language and behavior.  You can set a profanity filter if you wish (File/Settings/Parents) and if another person in chat is offensive to you, you can ignore them (not see any of their messages) by right-clicking on their name in the bottom left section of the chat screen and selecting "Ignore ..."

5.3    Players

The Players folder is a way of organizing Kali chat buddies.  These are separate and distinct from Internet Buddies.  The Players folder contains two default subfolders labeled Friends and Enemies.  You can delete, change or add new folders and add people you meet in chat by dragging their nickname which appears in the lower left section of the chat screen into a players folder of your choosing.  You can then set attributes for all players in the folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Edit Folder Settings"  In this dialog, you can set a sound to occur upon these players' connection (or many other types of events), change everyone in this folders' font, ignore everyone in the folder, or accept private messages from everyone in the folder, etcetera.

5.4    Private Chat/Messaging

To send another person in the chat server and channel you are connected to, either right-click on their nickname in the lower left box of the chat screen and select "Open Private Window" or type "/msg <nickname> <message text>" in the input line.  For example, if I wanted to say hello to a chat participant whose chat nickname is "koolkat", I would type: /msg koolkat hello!  A separate private message window will appear where you can continue a private "conversation" with someone.  Some chat participants may have turned off private messaging.

5.5    File Offer/Download

File offering is only available to fully registered Kali users.  It is useful to offer game maps and utilities, or a picture of your new car to show off.  To offer a file for download, simply click on the Offer Files button , browse to find the file and click "OK"  You may only offer up to 10 files at a time.  You can also make a private passworded offer to a chat participant by right-clicking on their nickname and selecting "Special Offer".


There are a couple of ways to download offered files.  If the offered file appears in the chat screen when someone offers it, simply click the hyperlink to start the download.  To see all offered files on this chat server, click the "View Offered Files" button , highlight the file you want, and click the "Get File" button. 

Please be careful what you download; we cannot guarantee the safety of any of these files and they may damage your PC.  If you are the victim of any file like this, please report it to complaints@kali.net and we will suspend their access to the Kali System.

5.6    Chat Commands

You can also obtain a list of these while in a chat window by entering "/help" on the input line:

Special Keys in Chat input area:
Enter/Cr - Send current text
Esc - Clear input area
Ctrl+Up - Previous Message
Ctrl+Down - Next Message
PgUp - Scroll Message Area up one page
PgDn - Scroll Message Area down one page
Ctrl+Home - Scroll Message area to top
Ctrl+End - Scroll Message area to end
Tab - Scroll through private message list


The following commands are understood:
/away <message> - tell everyone that you are away
/ban <nickname> [<reason>] - ban a player from a hosted channel
/cancel - Cancel file transfer
/deoffer [file#|all] - cancel offer(s)
/format [On|Off] - Turn On/Off message alignment
/games - show what people are doing on this server
/GameList <nickname> - Retrieve a list of games on another users system
/get <nickname> <#> <myfilename> - get the file <#> as <myfilename>
/help - display this help message
/ignore <nickname> - Ignore messages from certain users
/IgnoreClear - Clear your ignore list
/IgnoreList - Display your ignore list
/join <#channel> [<password>] - join a different channel
/JoinServer <#|Name|IP Address> - Join the specified server
/kali - show what people are doing on this server
/kick <nickname> [<reason>] - kick a player off a hosted channel
/me <message> - posture a message
/MOTD - Get server's message of the day
/msg [<nickname>] <message> - send a private message
/names - list names and email addresses for everyone on server
/offer <filename> - offer a file for other people to download
/OffersOff - Temporarily turn off all offers
/OffersOn - Re-enable offers that were turned off with OffersOff
/ping [<nickname>|*] - test connection speed
/private [<message>] - turn on/off acceptance of private messages
/process [<procname>] - find servers with people running this process or all processes
/quit - Close this chat window
/servers - Short list of all active chat servers
/servers! - list all active servers
/SIgnore ### - Ignore a serial number
/SOffer <nickname> <filename> <password> [<description>]
/switch - Change channels in current window
/Time [<nickname>] - Show current time or time on another users machine
/TSearch <nickname> - Search for players in TCP games
/TSubSearch <nickname> - Search for partial strings in TCP game players
/Ver - Show version of the Game DLL
/who [<#channel>|*] - list people using Kali Chat
/whois <nickname> - get information on a registered user