4.0  Internet Buddies

4.1    Finding Internet Buddies

To find a buddy who is online, click the "Find Players" button while browsing the Internet Games folder.  Enter the Internet Buddy's nickname (or a unique part of it) and click "OK".  A list of matches currently online appears in a popup box which also contains a link to the server he/she is currently on.  You may click on the link to show the server.  This tool is useful when you want to add a buddy and are not quite sure what exactly his nickname is.


4.2    The Buddy List

The much requested "Buddy List" is new to this latest version of Kali.  Now you can keep track of all your Internet game-playing buddies in the best and most comprehensive buddy system available!  Play a "Ta-da" sound when your best bud joins a server?  No problem.  Want to set the same icon and/or sound for all your clan buddies?  You can do that too.  Joining the same game as your buddy (without having to search for him first) is only one click away. 


The buddy system is a premium service available to fully registered Kali members.  For now, persons using a trial registration to Kali may be able to use the buddy system on a limited basis. 


Once a buddy has been added to your buddy list (see below), all active (online) buddies will appear in the Active Internet Buddy window in the bottom left corner of the screen when you are browsing Internet games.  In addition, the "smiley" or other image assigned to this buddy appears next to the server they are on when you look at the list for that game.  To go to where your buddy is, double-click on his nickname in the Active Buddy window, and the Internet game browsing window brings you to that list and highlights the server he/she is on.  So to join the same game, just hit "Enter" or double-click on that game.


When you go to the Internet Buddy folder, all active buddies will appear (even if in subfolders).  To see all of your Internet Buddies even if they are not active, make sure the "Active" button on the toolbar is deselected or right click the Internet Buddy folder and select "Only Show Active Buddies". 


4.3    Adding/Removing Buddies

There are several methods of adding an Internet Buddy.  The simplest is to just drag his/her nickname into an Internet Buddy folder on the left.  You can also (with the Internet Buddy folder highlighted) click the "Add Buddy" button or right-click on the Internet Buddy folder, select "Add Buddy" and enter at least their nickname.  You can also enter real name and email address and click the "More" button to enter other buddy information such as smiley identifying this buddy and sounds.  You can also highlight and right-click on any Internet player (from the game server player information window in the bottom left) and select "Add as Buddy". 


To remove a buddy, highlight the Internet Buddy folder he/she is in (you may need to turn off active buddy display if he/she is not online), highlight the buddy you want to delete, and then hit the delete keyboard button, right-click and select "Delete Buddy", or hit the "Delete Buddy" button on the toolbar .

4.4    Editing Buddies and Folders

You can edit a buddy by hitting the "Edit Buddy" button while in the Internet Buddy folder and highlighting the buddy.  You can also edit by right-clicking on the highlighted buddy (in the Active Internet Buddy window or Buddy folder) and selecting "Edit Buddy".  Here you can edit the buddy's real name, email address, comments, icon, sound and notification.


Kali also lets you edit these attributes for Internet Buddy folders.  To create a new Internet Buddy folder, right-click on the Internet Buddy folder or in the Active Internet Buddy window, and select "New Buddy Folder".  Enter a title for this folder, such as "MyClan" or "My Friends", "People I Dislike", etc.  Click the "More" button to set a default icon, sound or notification (popup window notification when they come online) for all buddies you put in this folder.  All buddies you place in that folder automatically "inherit" the folder settings unless you change them for that particular buddy.