2.0  Internet Game Browser

2.1    Where is that Game!?

The Internet Games Browser is found under the "Internet Games" folder in the "Kali II Resources" tree control on the left.  The total number of reported internet games is in parentheses next to the folder.  If you click on the "plus" + sign next to the folder (or double-click the folder itself), this opens up a list of all the Kali-compatible Internet games.  If you only want to see games that you have on your computer, right-click in the Resources screen and select "Games to Show", where you can limit the games to show in this folder. 


Highlight the folder of the game you want to play, and then click the "plus" + sign or double-click the folder to open it.  Here you may see some subfolders such as Favorites, Miscellaneous, and perhaps others included in the Kali setup.  Favorites will always be empty until you drag some of your favorite game servers into it.  Click the "plus" + sign or double-click the folders to look at game servers.  Once you open a folder with active game servers, Kali will start pinging the servers and displaying the information immediately (you don't have to wait until the pinging is complete like other game browsers!).  By default, Kali is set to ping game servers three times in order to verify the reported information; if you are interested, the pinging progress is shown on the status bar along the bottom of the Kali screen.


Also unlike other game browsers, your currently viewed list of game servers is updated continuously!  There is no need for you to manually ping the servers again to update the list.  All game servers in the current list are automatically updated at least once every 2 minutes, but any highlighted servers (you can highlight more than one by shift clicking a span or ctrl clicking several separate servers) are updated every second!  All game servers dragged into your Favorites folder are also updated every second.

2.2    Sorting

You can sort the game servers shown by any of the columns at the top by clicking on the column name.  The column will display an up or down arrow signifying ascending or descending order.  Double-clicking on the column name will turn off sorting by that column.  Most commonly, you may want to sort according to # of players (sometimes there is also a "Not Empty" folder that does this for you), ping, game, map, or buddies. 

2.3    Simple Filtering

Filters are great ways to narrow your search for a game based on several criteria (not just sorting for one attribute).  If you installed the built-in filters upon Kali's installation, you will see some filters displayed under the subfolders.  They will have a filter symbol next to the name of the filter.  Because of the tens of thousands of Half-Life Counterstrike games, automatic filters for Counterstrike are also built in as subfolders separating them into "ff on", "ff off" and "pwd", meaning "friendly fire on/off" and "passworded".  Some further filters may also appear under these as well.


Example:  say you want to see Half-Life game servers with the following criteria: at least 2 players, ping under 100, Demolition maps that I have, friendly fire off, and not passworded.  You can create that filter by highlighting the "Counterstrike/ff off" folder under Half-Life, then clicking the "Add Filter" symbol on the toolbar or right-clicking the folder and selecting "Add Filter".  Enter a name for your filter at the top, then check Ping, select "less than" and enter "100"; check Map, select "contains" and enter "de_"; check Player Count, select "greater than" and enter 1; uncheck "show password protected servers" and check "do not show servers with missing maps".  Now double-click on the new filter, and it should show only servers matching those criteria.

2.4    Joining Games

Couldn't be simpler (assuming you set up the game properly!)  Just double-click on the game server that has the game you want to play.  If the game has been set up in Kali, it will launch the game for you and connect it to that game server.