1.0  Setup

1.1    Installation

First of all, download the Kali software and open the file.  The Kali installer will begin by asking you to accept the End User License Agreement.  Read the Agreement and if you agree, click "Yes" and you are then shown the Information screen which states what is new in this version of Kali; click the "Next" button.  Next up is the Installation screen where the default destination folder for the Kali program files is already entered, so if the location is okay with you, click ""Next".  The Select Components screen comes up with the Main Program Files and Default Internet Game Filters selected; click "Next".  The next screen then shows the name of the default Program Folder as Kali; click "Next" and then "Finish" at the final screen.  There should now be a Kali icon on your desktop.


1.2    Setup

The first time you run Kali, a box saying that information is needed will pop up.  Click "OK" and the User Information screen appears.  All fields are in this form are required.  First enter your nickname that will be used in chat, then your real name (you do not have to use your actual legal name if you don't want to, but do not leave this blank).  Next enter your email address and put something in the Personal field.  Enter your Country and State, and put something in the Location field such as your city.


You must have a set of registration codes to use the Kali System.  Even if you want to use Kali on a trial basis, you still need to obtain a set of trial registration codes.  If you do not have any registration codes, click the "Register Now!" button at the bottom.  This button brings you to the Kali Registration website.  Follow the instructions on that page in order to obtain registration codes.  You can use Paypal to pay for your registration, pay by mail, or obtain a trial registration.  You should enter your Name and Email address in Step 1, and then check your email for the registration message.  This message gives you a hyperlink to click to obtain your registration codes.  If the link does not work, go to http://www.kali.net/register/ and click on Step 2 at the bottom.  You can then enter your Email Address and e Code, and a screen will display your registration codes.  Enter the serial number, skey and tkey in the registration information box; you should cut and paste from the website display of the registration codes.  Now you can click "OK" from the User Information screen.  You will also be sent an email confirmation of those registration codes.  Print this out and keep it for your records! 

1.3    Search for Games

The first time you begin Kali, a dialog will ask if you want to scan for compatible games.  It is recommended that you do this.  Kali will find any multiplayer games compatible with our system and help you set them up.  If you have any further questions on how to setup games, check our FAQ on this topic.


1.4    Settings

Kali is a highly configurable program, but most of the default settings should be fine for the beginner.  One setting you may want to modify is under File/Settings/Game Browser.  You may want to change the amount In the Pings per Second section if your Internet connection is faster than a 28.8 modem.  In general, you can set this to 100 for cable modem connections and 200 for DSL connections.  The default is 50 which is fine for a 28.8 modem.
You may want to change your display settings, which you can do by clicking the icon on the toolbar or View/Global Display Settings.  You can change the font, font color, font size, background color and/or select a background image (any .bmp or .jpg file).  You can get a screenshot of your favorite game in progress and use it as a background!

Note that Kali suspends its program functions when you launch a game so that computer resources will be freed up for the game.

Almost anything on the Kali screen can be dragged and dropped onto your desktop.  Internet Game servers, Favorites folders, Chat servers, etc.  You may want to drag your favorite Counterstrike folder onto your desktop so that it is just a double-click away.  Instant gratification!

Special Note to those trying to use Kali on two computers on the same Local Area Network (LAN) (like at your office, school or home): each computer should have a different port number setting under File/Settings/Advanced.  You might get a "Tracker Connection Failed" error when you restart Kali, but ignore the warning, close Kali and restart again.